Algotoria Crypto Trading
Earn impressive returns with advanced risk management
Past Performance

From January 2022 to May 2024 (2.4 years), Algotoria demonstrated Annualised Return of 135% with a Max Drawdown under 32% and Calmar Ratio 4.3

Key Benefits
Algotoria offers full exposure to the volatility of the global blockchain sectors with very compelling risk-reward ratios
Long-Short Trading
Receive gains both when markets go up and down
Risk Management
Leverage balanced strategies based on quant trading
100% Algo
24/7 trading with no human errors and emotions
No Lock-In
Stay in control of your funds with flexible payments in and out
Full Transparency
Monitor real-time trades in the Binance App
Multicurrency Collateral
Choose multiple coins to protect your wealth
How it works
Algotoria Trading Bots connects Crypto Exchanges via APIs and trades on the Investor’s account

We charge no installation fees and no management fees.

Our Success Fee is 25% or less for large accounts.

100K Investment Example

In the example below, the Q2 losses (-18%) are brought forward to Q3 and Q4.

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